How can we take care of ourselves in the coronavirus pandemic era if we do not want to put ourselves at risk in the beauty salons?

The coronavirus pandemic has stopped the rush of our everyday life and locked us in the houses. Since its outbreak, we’re paying increasing attention to our health and safety. We avoid crowded places, keep a safe distance from other people, and avoid being in small, closed rooms with strangers. During the pandemic, any visit to a beauty salon can be risky. However, what to do if we have to take care of ourselves, improve our skin condition, and do not want to put ourselves at risk? What should we do if we decided to limit or cancel visits to the beauty salons for our safety? There is a tip for that! To look and feel great, you do not have to invest in expensive and complicated treatments! All you will need is a few minutes for yourself, well-chosen cosmetics, the right tools, and knowledge, which we will pass on to you in some simple steps!


Success is in the routine. A routine that your skin likes! Your body loves routine and tunes in to it. Just as your daily bedtime and regular mealtimes are essential for your well-being, your skin should also be cared for regularly – in the morning and the evening, without overlooking the necessary steps. Create your daily skincare routine and follow it regularly. If your skincare habits are imperfect at the moment, introduce the next steps gradually and give yourself time to get used to them! In the morning and the evening, skincare starts with proper, thorough skin cleansing. It is a crucial phase that will prepare your skin for the next steps. Use the right cleanser every day – gel or foam selected according to your skin type. Unfortunately, the cleansing product may not be sufficient to make your skin perfectly clean. Then a sonic brush will help! The B-Clean Induction Thermal Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush is a unique facial cleanser. Because it’s made from certified materials, it’s a pure pleasure to use it! Pure – because apart from a beneficial massage, the brush’s sonic pulsations will make your skin deeply cleansed and velvety to the touch. The B-Clean’s ultra-thin tabs are made of medical silicone so that the device can be used even by people with sensitive and vascularised skin. The B- Clean Sonic Brush is equipped with Thermal SPA technology. This innovation makes the B-Clean the only heated face brush available on the market, effectively removing your makeup! 

It takes only five minutes to have a clean and prepared skin that will be the perfect foundation for further care. Remember to thoroughly rinse your face with water from the remains of the washing products and dry it with a clean face towel after the treatment.

Do not forget about toning. We often skip this significant step, but if you want to enjoy a beautiful complexion, include tonic in your daily routine. The ideal tonic is gentle and alcohol-free, and its task is to restore the skin’s natural pH. Additionally, the tonic will close the pores and give you a feeling of long-lasting freshness! 


B-Clean Induction Thermal Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush


We have wonderfully cleansed skin! It is time for the next stage, which is appropriately composed care. Rich care consists of serum, eye cream, protective day cream, and regenerative night cream. These products are must-have in every cosmetic bag! The choice of cosmetics on the market is enormous, so we will tell you what you should be guided by when choosing the right product. The serum is a light vitamin cocktail of precious ingredients. Always apply the serum before you apply the cream. The light, watery consistency is quickly absorbed and only the next step is the cream! Day cream should have protective properties. It will help the skin’s defense mechanisms against sunlight and light emitted by monitors, free radicals, air pollution, dust and other harmful factors. The night cream is free of solar filters, has a thicker texture, and will support the regenerative processes that will take place in your skin when you sleep.

Night care should as well be rich in the active anti-aging ingredients. During sleep, our skin regenerates and nourishes itself. What should be done to make the cream work perfectly? To ensure that the precious ingredients reach the skin’s deeper layers, you should combine the cream application with a facial massage. You can perform such treatment by yourself at home and for this purpose, you will need the B-Clean Sonic Brush! After applying the cream, use your brush to massage it into the skin. The heat and sonic pulsations will help transport the active ingredients deep into your skin, resulting from which using the cream will bring better and faster results. One tool will help you achieve the effect of a beauty salon treatment!


It will not be a complicated ritual that requires secret knowledge! All you have to do is devote one evening a week to your home spa. Perform a five-minute facial cleansing with the B-Clean Sonic Brush, wipe your face with a tonic and start! If your skin is sensitive, traditional granular scrubs can irritate it and make your home SPA will cease to be a pleasure. To achieve a radiant complexion with a uniform color, you need to remove dead skin at least once a week with the right cosmetic or tool. The B-Scrub PRO Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber is perfect for this purpose! The device is designed for all the skin types, especially those which struggle with blackheads, discolorations and grey color. After the treatment, your skin will be firm and healthy! The skin scrubber B-Scrub PRO is an ideal solution for those who prefer to take care of themselves at home, especially since the use of the scrubber is not complicated and the effect after the treatment will delight you.


Peeling kawitacyjny B-Scrub PRO


After the cavitation peeling, it is time for a decent dose of the active ingredients – apply the serum and the rich, creamy mask on the skin. This moment of relaxation is for you. Turn on your favorite music, grab your favorite book. The skin scrubber B-Scrub PRO is a unique, multifunctional device. Thanks to the combination of ultrasound technology, negative ions, and blue photon light, the skin cleansing treatment will be effective and accurate and optimal for your skin. One of the device’s functions is iontophoresis – this function facilitates the absorption of serums, ampoules, and vitamin cocktails. The role of firming EMS currents will support the treatment’s anti-aging power by stimulating collagen and elastin fibers’ synthesis and strengthening muscle microfibres. A gentle massage will improve the firmness of our skin and will visibly neutralize lines and wrinkles. After such a treatment, the skin will be incredibly nourished and smoothed. Finally, apply your favorite cream with the B-Clean Sonic Brush and you’re done!




To enjoy beautiful skin without visiting beauty salons, remember a daily skincare routine, correct, thorough cleansing phase and weekly treatment with a skin scrubber and mask.

Choose products dedicated to your skin, which will suit you with their scent and consistency. First of all, take your time. Your skin will be grateful! 

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