Who the cavitation peelings serve best?


What’s a cavitation peeling?

Cavitation peeling is a profound way to cleanse our skin. Although it works on deep layers of the epidermis exfoliating it, it is a delicate procedure. The secret of the cavitation process is the physical phenomenon of the change from liquid to gaseous form, which can occur by reducing pressure. Cavitation peeling works great when applied on our face, neck and cleavage. The effect is noticeable almost immediately.

This treatment is also used to increase the absorption of cosmetic products such as creams, serum. It is an alternative to manual peeling, which naturally also has its advantages. When cavitation is performed, we remove any remnants of makeup, all fungi and bacteria, keratinized epidermis, so it is a comprehensive skin cleansing. That’s not all, because cavitation also prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Moreover, it influences the circulation of our blood in the areas treated by cavitation, oxygenates our skin and restores its elasticity.

Since we have already told ourselves what such treatment is, it is worth to mention what device will allow us to perform it at home. The product that is used to make a home cavitation peeling is the skin scrubber B-Scrub PRO. In the further part, we will take a closer look at this device, but it is already worth mentioning that the cavitation peeling made in the privacy of your home is very relaxing and pleasant.

Who is the cavitation peeling for?

Every skin, regardless of age or type, requires peeling from time to time. Therefore, this is the treatment recommended for every skin. Taking under the magnifying glass an oily skin, which is often suffering from acne, blackheads and shine, this is a very advisable treatment. Dry skin, or one that is gray, devoid of shine and color, will significantly benefit from this peeling. Already after the first treatment, the skin will gain color and it will look more relaxed. The peeling applied regularly on skin prone to discolorations will also help.

The key to success is regularity, so we must remember that the ailments have not appeared overnight and will neither disappear overnight. Patience is essential in the case of problematic skin, and the effects will undoubtedly appear. It is worth noting that regardless of the problem we are struggling with, the treatment is painless. The device which has already been presented has the technology of sonic micro-vibrations. Additionally, it is also light and comfortable in use and easy to operate.


Basic features and functions of the Beautifly device

It is time to describe the device that makes it possible to make cavitation peeling in your own home. The device is made of the highest quality materials, so we do not have to fear damage even with frequent use. A fantastic feature of this product is that it has a built-in USB port, so we charge the it quickly and efficiently. It is convenient because we reach for the cables only when the equipment is discharged and we use it wirelessly every day.

This gadget has won the hearts of women with one more huge advantage. Namely, its dimensions are so small that it is ideal for a small female handbag, so you can travel with it and always have it with you. The woman’s eye will also not miss the fact that it is a very designer item, which looks beautiful and pleases the eye. If you decide to buy this device, you will receive a transparent case in the set, thanks to which you can keep the product clean. As always, Beautifly attaches great importance to the fact that the device is made on a high level, with care for details. Simplicity and class, i.e., a beautiful combination of white and grey makes this inconspicuous gadget even more enjoyable. Skin scrubber B-Scrub PRO gives you the possibility to use 5 modes: we can choose the frequency and then decide on peeling, iontophoresis, ultrasounds, high and low EMS micro-currents and photon light therapy.

The course of cavitation peeling and contraindications to the treatment

At the very beginning, we have established that the cavitation procedure is safe for us. It’s time to prepare for it. We start by washing our makeup if we have it; if we don’t, we need to wash our face nevertheless with gel or tonic. Then the epidermis should be moistened. To do this, use saline or another non-alcoholic preparation. We start the procedure. The device is equipped with a flat tip and we apply it to the whole surface of the skin. With slow movements, we move our small gadget around the treated area; we try to do it precisely and with attention. We focus mainly on the T-zone, i.e., forehead, nose and chin, because it is in these areas that blackheads most often appear and where the highest amount of sebum is secreted.

Let’s make sure to treat the whole face with this beneficial peeling. How long should the treatment take? At home, it can be about 10 minutes, that’s enough. After the procedure, rinse your face again with a tonic and apply a vitamin cream or medicine and press it with iontophoresis (more below).

It is time to look at the risks and contraindications to the treatment. Pregnant women should absolutely give it up. Osteoporosis, epilepsy, cancer are also severe contraindications. Any skin lesions should be cured first to perform the treatment safely. How often should you make the peeling? In case we do not have really oily skin, it is enough once a month to achieve phenomenal results. However, if we have very problematic skin, we can perform the peeling once a week. Always consider our safety even in case of such safe, non-invasive cosmetic treatments as iontophoresis or cavitation. Let’s read the indications and let’s not underestimate any contraindication. The latter usually last only for a certain period – let’s persevere patiently until our ailments are gone. Only then, without risking our health, let’s start the treatment and enjoy the results.


What is iontophoresis?

In simple terms, iontophoresis is the introduction of ions, which have a beneficial effect on our epidermis, into the skin by using an adequate device. We can only use medicaments or preparations that dissociate. Electronic dissociation, in short, causes the breakdown of chemical compounds into positive and negative ions. The ions collect in the area of the network of blood vessels, from where they are distributed through the bloodstream. There are several indications to carry out this procedure, including rosacea, acne vulgaris, muscle relaxation, or scars. In addition to the cases in which it is worthwhile to perform the procedure, one should mention the risks and situations when it is not advisable to carry it out. First of all, these are pregnancy, purulent lesions of the oral cavity, cancers, metal elements on the body and in the organism (e.g. anastomosis after surgery), severe acne, allergy to administered medicaments, fever.

How to prepare for the iontophoresis procedure? The first very significant step is skin cleansing, disinfection. We prepare the equipment, apply the medicament, product, chemical compound and we start the procedure, in the meantime controlling our sensations. The iontophoresis is worth performing for 10 minutes every week. It is also important to note that during the iontophoresis, we can feel tingling or metallic aftertaste in the mouth and we shouldn’t be worried about that as it is a natural symptom.

The main advantages of having the B-Scrub PRO Beautifly at home and what do satisfied users say about it?

The main advantage of having a skin scrubber is the possibility of taking care of our beauty and our skin at home in a few minutes. Of course, we do not deny here visits to the beauty salons; if someone has time for this, then of course, nothing stands in the way. The second significant advantage is saving money: we invest in equipment once and use it countless times.

What do the people who have bought this inconspicuous gadget value most? High quality comes first. Our skin scrubber B-Scrub PRO promises that the effects are visible almost immediately, the treatment is pleasant and painless, and that the device itself is elegant and comfortable. That’s how it is.

Let’s go further. Results are very important. Users buy this product to get the effect of much better-looking skin. And that’s what most of the comments are about – satisfaction with the current state of your skin. Moreover, customers appreciate the workmanship and use of high-quality material. They claim that despite the high exploitation, frequent use of the equipment, it still works great and has no signs of damage. Finally, it is simply very comfortable to perform a treatment that brings spectacular results in 15 minutes at home. Who would not appreciate it!

Cavitation peeling smoothes out wrinkles!

How about the cavitation peeling smoothes out the wrinkles? Thanks to the treatment, the anti-wrinkle preparations can penetrate very deeply into the layers of skin. It is due to micro-massage, i.e., compression and expansion of cell structures and EMS micro-currents. Moreover, because of the improvement of microcirculation and activation of the sodium-potassium pump, the cell renewal process is significantly accelerated.

The cells receive a portion of oxygen and nutritious substances, thanks to which we get the effects of wrinkles reduction. Here it is necessary to approach the choice of preparations consciously and responsibly. It would be good if they were water-based or gel-based. To sum up, with just one device, we can clean the skin, get rid of troublesome blackheads, regain radiance, give our skin a solid dose of vitamins and finally smooth out wrinkles.

When to expect significant improvement?

After the first month of use, the skin looks insane, is entirely nourished and free of discolorations and blackheads. What used to be a problem for oily skin after one month is gone.Of course, for effect to deepen and for the skin to continue to look beautiful and fresh, it is necessary to use the device systematically. Very often, we give up on the first noticeable effects. It is a big mistake. Yes, the effects appear quickly, but to maintain them, it is necessary to continue working on the appearance of our skin.

Of course, the extent to which our skin’s appearance will improve also depends on the condition of the epidermis. First of all, it’s about if you have already done treatments to get rid of blackheads. Any peelings and masks used before buying a cavitation peeling device could positively affect the treatment’s effect. However, if our skin was left on its own, we will have to wait a little longer for the effects. Here, without discussion, it is necessary to include healthy nutrition. The condition of our skin, hair and nails is directly related to our diet and lifestyle. As you can see, a healthy nutrition plan is essential for a beautiful skin appearance. It is good to combine care from the inside with care from the outside, and the improvement of your skin’s condition will have a lasting effect.

Causes of blackheads

Finally, we would like to give you some advice to avoid the causes of blackheads. They are therefore primarily related to age, to the period of puberty. Blackheads appear especially on oily skin, where the amount of sebum is increased and the pores are clogged. The formation of blackheads may also be affected by inadequate skincare. Therefore, it is worth using tonics that restore the natural pH of our skin, gels that reduce the secretion of sebum and light creams. Very often, we also simply tend to have acne skin and blackheads. Besides, stress, the use of cosmetics that are unsuitable for our skin type, hormonal problems, a polluted environment, an inadequate diet or use of medicines can all lead to skin changes. However, to a large extent, we can deal with this problem, and for this purpose, it is worth to applying a few rules, which were mentioned in the article.

Summary and conclusions

The article aimed to show how to eliminate the undoubtedly difficult problem of blackheads, acne, and other skin changes that spoil our skin’s appearance. Its goal was to describe the course of cavitation peeling with all indications and contraindications to the treatment. With this knowledge, we can benefit from the cure in a conscious and safe for our health way. Preparatory procedures for the treatment were presented to bring the best and most durable results. The time when we can expect improvement and what to do to increase the treatment effects was specified. All the advantages and possibilities of having a B-Scrub PRO device were listed and its characteristics were presented. Finally, we looked at the causes of blackheads and what we can do to avoid them. In short, you will find in this article everything you need to make a purchase decision.

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  1. Gabrysia says:

    Hello, I’m a mature woman and I wonder if this treatment would be beneficial also for me? What product, in addition to saline solution, can I use during the cure?

  2. Marta says:

    I bought a skin scrubber about a month ago. I must admit that the effect exceeded my expectations. The skin is more firm, cleansed, has a nicer colour.

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