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Laser epilators for perfectly smooth skin

Laser epilator is a cosmetic device that will allow you to achieve the effect of smooth skin for many weeks. The models available in our offer use IPL light pulses that reach the hair bulb directly. There, the pigment is warmed up until the bulb breaks down. All this is completely painless and without the risk of damaging the tissues surrounding the hair follicle.

IPL epilator, sometimes referred to as light epilator, can be used at home. Using it is extremely simple and safe. As a result of using this method of epilation, you can quickly reduce unwanted hair from any part of the body.

A modern all-body hair epilator

What is the greatest benefit of modern Beautifly epilators? You can use them all over your body without any concerns! Each of our devices is equipped with durable lamps that emit light in the selected operating mode, to effectively reduce hair. It can also be used on delicate and sensitive skin. In other words, your IPL laser epilator can act as:

  • bikini epilator
  • facial epilator
  • leg epilator
  • hand or back epilator

It is important to always choose a safe mode of sending impulses in terms of your complexion, as well as the hair color and its thickness. In this way, you get the results you want faster and avoid possible irritation!

Selected female epilators from our offer are equipped with additional accessories that allow you to take care of photorejuvenation of the skin and even support the treatment of acne lesions! IPL light is, in the right doses, extremely universal!

Our epilators are the only ones on the market that have the function of reducing acne and revitalizing the skin.

Epilator – how to use it correctly?

Using devices like laser epilators may seem a bit tricky at first – but it’s just a false impression! Just after the first treatment, you will notice that its use is simple and does not take much time.

All you need to do is to shave and wash the skin in the chosen place before epilation. After wearing protective glasses that prevent your eyes from being stimulated by IPL pulses, you can choose a specific mode of operation (always start with the weakest!). And gradually, area by area, treat the skin vertically. After the treatment, you can moisturize your skin with your favorite post-epilation lotion. And that’s it! After as little as 4 series, the skin becomes smooth, and the hair grows back weaker and much slower.

If you decide to use the IPL laser epilator with skin tone detection, the device will independently determine which pulse level is appropriate. It’s so simple!

The best laser epilator – what is it?

If you are planning to buy a device, you are surely wondering what makes the best laser epilator. The answer is: effectiveness and safety! This was the thought of the engineers developing our devices. Effect? In one small model there is an epilator for intimate places, where gentle action is indicated, a laser facial epilator that needs special care or a painless hair epilator for the legs and arms.

Does a good epilator have to be expensive?

You may be wondering if your new epilator’s work is affected by price in any way. After all, well-known companies offer equipment in a wide price range.

The Beautifly brand purpose is to ensure that high-end cosmetic equipment does not ruin your budget! After all, each of us deserves the best! The modern epilators we offer are certified devices made of the best components that will serve you faithfully for many years to come. The long life of the lamps and the additional functions offered are something you will not overpay for!